Terroir and Vineyards

The terroir is composed of a variety of soils, made up of stony elements, clayey-chalky, yellow marly, red clay, sometimes sandy veins.

The climatic conditions are original and exceptional, because of the excessively strong mistral wind, which changes from periods of violently windy episodes to periods of relative calm.

The difference of temperature between day and night in our vineyard is also an advantage for the production of high quality wines.
These elements create the fineness and the elegance of the wines of Cairanne.

Moreover, there is very little rainfall and the climate is sunny with south facing slopes in our vineyards. These climatic elements encourage the grapes to ripen, which allows Cave de Cairanne to create great wines over the years.

The vineyards are mainly made up of old vines planted on the slopes, where the exposure of the fields and their natural drainage favorise high quality production.

The advantages of our terroir, the singularity of climatic conditions, and rigourous selection of grapes are the secret of the complexity and the high quality of our products.

A Cairanne terroir composed of 3 sectors

Cairanne, the only Côtes du Rhône terroir at the crossroads of a hilly massif and contributions from two torrents, Aygues and Ouvèze.

Exclusive wines of the Cave de Cairanne
The Expression of the Terroir

Different wines is blended with subtlety and nuances, and gives us regularity in the quality of our wines, for each vintage.

Our wines are the product of the blending of terroir and varietals :
The varietals :

Over these different terroirs, the planted grape varieties are dominated by black grape varieties, especially Grenache and Shiraz, which guarantee the typical nature of the southern Rhone wines. However, other varieties also make up our wines :

Red wine varietals : Grenache is the traditional varietal of the appellation, the one which gives the best expression to the terroir. It brings robustness and spicy aromas. Other varietals like Shiraz with red berry aromas and Mourvedre, Carignan and Cinsault varietals complete the blend.

Cairanne’s specificity is that it has kept a non negligeable part of Carignan, which has a low yield and good maturity of its grapes allowing for the originality of some of its blends.

White wine varietals : the range has grown with, on top of Grenache blanc, Clairette and Bourboulenc ; Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier.
Cairanne is the only one of the most recent CDR appellations to have its white certified.

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